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InnoVet Pet Health

InnoVet Animal Health is committed to create and supply innovative products that achieve improved health outcomes for animals, whilst promoting better relationships with our pets and animals in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. We do this by providing highly desirable products that are specially formulated by experts that are safe, biodegradable, and immunologically beneficial – good for people, pets, and the planet. We will start being good for the planet from the word go, as our manufacturing facility will be carbon-neutral.

What We Do

InnoVet will supply medications to vets and pet owners that are typically difficult to administer as in their current form they are very bitter and unappealing to ingest for the animal. This means that vets and pet owners need to either restrain the pet, which is traumatising to the pet and the owner, or they need to hide the medication in a treat to mask the flavour. There are many negative effects of these methods, including stress or injury to the pet and owner, and of critical importance is that dosing accuracy can be affected if the animal spits out the medication. Under-dosing of medicines can lead to antimicrobial resistance, which then results in newer-generation antibiotics being used to treat the problem. Unfortunately, this situation is what contributes to the global issue of antibiotic resistance, which is of major concern to human health around the world. InnoVet Animal Health will help negate this by providing carefully tailored and trialled products that will mask the taste of the medication, whilst adding an attractive flavour that will be enjoyed by animals. The medications will be highly palatable and provided in an easy to administer form.
InnoVet will also provide a chemist-formulated joint support nutritional supplement that will help to control joint pain in animals. It will also support cartilage regeneration to allow for improved mobility and vigour. A commonly-used ingredient in such products is chondroitin, which is sourced from shark cartilage. Sharks are an apex predator and critical in maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem, and the demand for shark products promotes their capture by fishing trawlers in trawl nets, which is an indiscriminate method of fishing that causes significant damage to marine environments. InnoVet will not support this unsustainable practice by using shark cartilage as a chondroitin source. We will use a highly-refined by-product of the agricultural industry that is safe and sustainable.

InnoVet will also provide disinfectants that are highly effective, yet safe for humans and animals alike, all whilst being biodegradable and sustainable.